Monday, 6 February 2012

Untitled again

If I were to speak of the things I've done
I'd only reinstate your words
And society, and all that is showing me a black eye
I'd bring in plain view, the psychopath in me

If i were to say the things I've thought about
I'd show you what insanity feels like
Like a drug that has figured you out all so pathetically
Like a continuous roll of drums that ceases to stop

A rotten old packet seems like such a trash to you and your civil society
They say I'm just an old sucker too sucked up to let it go
Truthfully, the truth is I'm still the dopehead that i was
Only this time i've blended it all together
The touch of your soft fingers, the sound  of your sweet voice, the sight of your ruffled hair
And the wind.. the fresh wind that comes from the ocean..Bringing with it the irresistible urge

Cause you are so obvious all over me
Your mixed perfume blended in so perfectly with my sweat
Your crazy hair in tidbits maybe in a couple of my clothes
Your lips, ever so tender, still on mine
The smell of your neck..the potency of which still forces me to sleep

Cause you're so obvious all over me
The touch of your breasts on my black chest
Pitch black
Throws in the hope of my vestige being revisited
You're so obvious all over me