Sunday, 18 December 2011

Untitled- 1

The humour is lost. Or maybe it was never there. At times one needs a jolt I guess to put things back into perspective. Its been a while and suddenly i realise that all I was after was a transient dream of happiness. Intangible,yes. could never hold it nor feel it.transient dream cause it always provoked a smile of hope which was maybe never there.

A million times i've heard people complain about how people change. Well, why shouldn't they? Wouldn't you? Wouldn't everybody? Its ok.its fine. Its only natural to grow. I'm coming to the close of an era and I'd thought I'd come out a happy man cause I have it all sorted, cause i read through things, cause i am good at certain things and the rest are taken care of. I'm coming out of it either ways but with a lot many questions. Simple ones. But I'd already thought I had the answers. That I was proved wrong doesnt really matter. What matters is how could i not see through it all along. When your life's work falls apart, should it bother you that it fell apart? or should it nudge your mind bit by bit that why did you keep building on it?How could you not see that its going to fall apart anyways.....

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Gandu-The loser

Whoever said that failure is the stepping stone to success hasn't really failed much. Had he, he wouldn't have given out a fancy one liner for something that disgraceful. Its always the successful people who get to point out the losers and reminisce about the time they were on the othr side too...whether or not they were, its a chic thing to say that- yo, im not an overnight success..I failed before I got this.
Now to know what a real failure is, you got to ask a real failure...A Gandu..Though Q made a mess of the much anticipated movie, it gives scope for retrospection..Am i one??? And one shouldn't be surprised if that evokes a positive reaction..A Gandu knows that hes just a big fucking Gandu.(and the "I" that should have been in caps two sentences back, wasnt a typo...gandus dont get the honour of writing about themselves in  caps).

Retrospection was done.Much of it was done and not surprisingly, he got a positive reaction too...and boom, so did somebody else. Was a vindication of sorts.But nonetheless, a Gandu..A big fucking one..