Sunday, 18 December 2011

Untitled- 1

The humour is lost. Or maybe it was never there. At times one needs a jolt I guess to put things back into perspective. Its been a while and suddenly i realise that all I was after was a transient dream of happiness. Intangible,yes. could never hold it nor feel it.transient dream cause it always provoked a smile of hope which was maybe never there.

A million times i've heard people complain about how people change. Well, why shouldn't they? Wouldn't you? Wouldn't everybody? Its ok.its fine. Its only natural to grow. I'm coming to the close of an era and I'd thought I'd come out a happy man cause I have it all sorted, cause i read through things, cause i am good at certain things and the rest are taken care of. I'm coming out of it either ways but with a lot many questions. Simple ones. But I'd already thought I had the answers. That I was proved wrong doesnt really matter. What matters is how could i not see through it all along. When your life's work falls apart, should it bother you that it fell apart? or should it nudge your mind bit by bit that why did you keep building on it?How could you not see that its going to fall apart anyways.....

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Gandu-The loser

Whoever said that failure is the stepping stone to success hasn't really failed much. Had he, he wouldn't have given out a fancy one liner for something that disgraceful. Its always the successful people who get to point out the losers and reminisce about the time they were on the othr side too...whether or not they were, its a chic thing to say that- yo, im not an overnight success..I failed before I got this.
Now to know what a real failure is, you got to ask a real failure...A Gandu..Though Q made a mess of the much anticipated movie, it gives scope for retrospection..Am i one??? And one shouldn't be surprised if that evokes a positive reaction..A Gandu knows that hes just a big fucking Gandu.(and the "I" that should have been in caps two sentences back, wasnt a typo...gandus dont get the honour of writing about themselves in  caps).

Retrospection was done.Much of it was done and not surprisingly, he got a positive reaction too...and boom, so did somebody else. Was a vindication of sorts.But nonetheless, a Gandu..A big fucking one..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Big P

I have a funny feeling in my stomach 24x7. Well minus the hours i spend sleeping in class(i got busted by my Advertising professor  and my Consumer Behavior professor in 2 consecutive lectures yesterday:P) but all that apart, I'm a PGDM student in my 3rd semester and the P in question is quite obviously...PLACEMENT.
I'm already tired of the free sweets distributed by the placed Finance guys. Trust me when i say, sweets never felt this bitter before. And the shine in the eyes of those bastards. The hint of sarcasm seems to transpire through the seemingly innocent laddoos. Every bit of it speaks out loud- "eat up boy, you still got no job".. Gives you shudders really.

I've started  appearing in hypothetical interviews in front of the mirror. I stop each time i feel i'm lying more than twice in the same sentence but there's no way i'm getting a job without lying.
You see a manager has to be responsible. My degree of responsibility falls on a negative scale of being even remotely close to the aforementioned word. I wash clothes a week after throwing them on the washroom floor. Mighty responsible eh? Exhibit2- I leave for college leaving my room open. I'd like to think my man management skills are good enough to handle a crisis situation. Truth be told, each time i've been through one of those, i nearly had blood on my hands.  The last time it happened, i was literally about to set a bike on fire and then kill it's owner.
Now the only question to which i got an apt answer is about my communication skill with incidents validating its uber  awesomeness. In my hypothetical mock interview, the big bad sly H.R. manager asks me about my convincing skills and i go- I'd give you two incidents  
1st.... My 1st year in college.Me and two other 1st year kids huddled, surrounded by at least 20 big burly seniors,super seniors,super duper seniors, super(god knows which batch) seniors, super( god knows college seniors) in my college campus, ready to beat the living shit outta us. Our mistake- fudging a super small bit of college money designated for the fest(which was Gujarati society black money anyways) and going out partying. The reasons the seniors would give us a big piece of their mind and a lot more? The money was for them to fudge..So it wasn't much of a fault rather a revolution. Coming off age of the 1st year kids. And I Sir, talked my way outta it. Without a single blow nor slap.
2nd... A drunken waste on the edge of a roof about to jump off blaming me for the calamity(which, had it happened,would have been a blessing really), at 3 in the morning. I talked the jerk out of it.

Had someone given such an answer to me, he would have been my star employee commanding the highest pay package and the least work. Would it work for real?? I'm not sure guys.. The answers can get me booked for fraud, misappropriation, felony, undue influence blah blah blah.. WTF? Im a nice guy really.. ask M..
All i know is that truth, as awesome as it is, will have to stay buried and the only hope of a decent interview is the traditional route.. lie from line one..CHEERS TO THAT..

P.S. The other P's that have held significance in my life this far are as follows(chronologically) -
1- Puberty
2- Pornography
3- Pink Floyd
4- Pot..:p

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Ryan smirked as he watched Vlad Dracula stab Jesus’s effigy in the heart and drink up the blood flowing through his bosom,in the cult classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula. They say there is no black and no white, just shades of gray. No black?? They say? Since when has he cared about what they say? Who is this they? There is and will be black. The same way that there is and will be Ryan McCarthy. Ryan  is young, successful, rich. A criminal lawyer, he studied law not to be a savior but to toe the line at every possible instance and make a mockery of the judiciary. Friends he has none, not a soul. They are not worth it are they? He gets girls, damn he gets girls but he is not dying for attention. He doesn’t need it. Because he is too big for this petty shameless transient  mudslinging  voyeuristic society. But voyeur he is. 26 years he has been in the covers searching for the one.
The one, the yin for his yang. They say all potent forces come in pairs. Each to fight the other. They say again? Ryan laughed out. His lifes dream, objective, hope, ambition.. all zeroed down on finding the one. He’s checked everywhere, clubs, offices, pubs, ghettos. Turned down each time. Did it take such a toll on God to create him that he din’t have it in him to do something remotely similar again?  and why is Ryan doing this? simple isn’t it? He wants to show his worth. That he is bigger than anything else. Its not ego, not high self esteem. Its just the truth isn’t it? If they say you’re good, you want to pin down the better and show them that you’re the best. THEY? Haha..
Ryan has it all. Money, success, fame, bungalows, shiny black Ferrari. He wants recognition. Vindication. That he is the best. The greatest to have ever graced the humankind. A mistake by the almighty. God should have known that the world is not ready for Ryan. Ryan was born this way. He has always known himself and the world and what a mismatch he is. Since then he started his covert little search that spanned across two decades but he hasn’t got all life right? He wants to die young, look handsome in his coffin. His match can go fishing for piranha or hope to videotape the loch ness monster. Not his problem if The One does not realize that he is The One. Frustration gets on to Ryan. He wants to scream out loud to God or whoever sits up there and claims to have created humankind. God. Who is this God? If Ryan is the  most potent ever, who is bigger than him? Is it possible to be any better? He is the best isn’t  he? Why can’t he play God? What does God do anyways? Give life and take life? That’s it? The poster over Ryan’s bed says- Almighty  was afraid. Had he been in combat, even he would bleed..
Giving life he has no interest in. He wondered how it felt to take life. The feeling of being the one standing with his boots on somebody’s chest as he begged for his life exhilarated him. That is how you play God. That is how Ryan vindicates himself. Kill his Yin. But where the hell is this match of his? 26 years and no response. Frustrates Ryan. He gives this guy one night, a bottle of Jack Daniels and ten cigars. T he moment his sophisticated taste in indulgement ends, he would execute his plan B. Minutes rolled on to hours as Ryan sipped on to his scotch and waited for a call, a mail, somebody at his door, some divine intervention…

5.30 in the morning.. The first rays of sunshine kissed the glass windows of his penthouse and cleared the view of his dark apartment. On the couch lay the bloody lifeless body of a handsome youth in a crisp suit. A licensed desert eagle on one hand and a bore on his skull. Next to him was an empty bottle of Jack D and ten cigar butts. The neatly folded sheet lying on the table said- I waited for God to turn up, he didn’t. So I did what Vlad had done. Shot the all powerful on his head.
They say there is no Black and no White.. only shades of Grey.. No Black??? They should think again..They??? Somebody would have screamed with laughter..

P.S.  Title adapted from the 2002 cult classic by the same name directed by George Clooney..Check it out if you already haven't.

Starting off...

Her monochrome clicks paint a strange picture. Morbid would be the word maybe. Its much like blood drained out of an old injury but the scars remaining in plain sight. All bare bones in exhibition. Much like his city..A careless congestion of self imposing materialism. He sees it all. A silent observer. He goes back to his M to pour it all over.. puke in her ears.
He sees how her clicks bring out his inner self..the blurry carriage ride..or the maze of lights mazing in its doped out trips..too mazed to realize when it started mazing. Its strange the way she reaches out without even trying to reach out. He knows not if she does it willfully or if it just sweats out of her without a damn notice.
Frankly, it doesnt really matter. There comes a point of time in each person's life when knowingly or unknowingly she does something she had never planned yet when it pans out, it all seems planned.. she doesnt know what THE PLAN is. He doesnt remember having elaborately discussed it with her. But there is a plan, there always was..Chalking out destinies of millions. Only too big in magnitude to ever get noticed..
Much like the one part of it that brought him this close to M.

P.S.- I'd thought the first post should be about me.Who I am and all that boredom..Frankly I din't remember..Next time maybe..cheers